START; My new vocabulary

There are some really funny phrases about “life” out there…one such phrase is “life is a bitch depending on how you treat her, you might get rich”. This one is  certainly vulgar and leaves much to be desired. On the flip-side, I wish it weren’t that vulgar and could carry that same meaning across with a completely different and acceptable set of words; for it’s the truth, absolute truth!

In a way, life is what you make of it. It rewards for good deeds and punishes with grave consequences- ‘sometimes’ if faltered.

A good friend of mine; a very jovial one, who by nature, I think, doesn’t take life any seriously went for a job interview and was asked the usual “Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years” question. Realizing he had been put on the spot, smiled and with all honesty replied “I don’t even know”. The interviewers burst into uncontrollable laughter and he was subsequently handed the job. His boss later told him that it was his frankness and jovial attitude that paved way for him to get the job.

For the decade or so I have known this particular friend, he has been pretty much the same jovial “I don’t care” person not taking school, exams, relationships and everything serious but always gets a walk through. To me, he is one lucky lad as this is a one out of a thousand scenario…it rarely happens. There are people who can afford to sail through life, taking nothing serious and still make it to the top and very top.

The rest of us who cannot afford to live that way and get rewarded positively have to consider the alternate route. We have to strive for perfection in everything we do. In every sphere, be it school, work, personal development, relationships before we can get any positive reward. We need sets of goals and be guided by them; realistic and not overly ambitious. Everyone needs a game plan; from presidents to businessmen, employees, the hawkers on the street and petty traders. We all need a set of goals which are bound by time.

BUT with all the strategies and game plans and everything; if there is one word I want to leave everyone pondering and brooding over, it’s START! Quite recently, I sat in the driver seat of a friend’s car. It had a keyless ignition and I noticed a round button with lights around it and had the inscription “START”. It wasn’t my first time seeing that technology but it was my first “pushing to start” experience. And this morning, in endless loops as I prepared to blog about this subject, it played in my mind.

It began to add up in a very distinct way as I thought about the work that had gone into the production of the car, and its other parts and components; the body, electronics, engineering and all the bits that made the car and realized the importance of the START button to the car. It starts up everything; it puts “breath” to a machine of so many parts and it gets every part started and working to achieve the purpose of its presence in the car.

Learning from the start button on the car, I compared to life and realized it has a similar role to play. Most of us have dreams and goals. Some of us have been able to pursue our dreams, others have not. Many ‘lions’ have become ‘household cats’ because they have not been able to follow through their dreams and aspirations. There is never a perfect time to start anything; as a matter of fact there will never be a perfect time. The perfect time is NOW.

Like the story of the bible, let’s make use of our talents and not dig holes to hide them. If we do so, the good book tells us that even the little we have will be taken from us and given to the ones who make good use of their talents and be left with sorrows and gnashing of teeth.

Whatever talents and skills you have, which we already know or are in the process of finding, the most important decision is to get a game plan and very importantly to START. If it’s a business you want to start-up, if its music or football, education or work, or anything you would love to do just don’t sit idle; get up on your feet and GO GET IT! STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!!!

Growing up there was this popular phrase I used to hear lots of times…”The richest place in the world is the cemetery. Inside the graves lie trillion dollar ideas that were never pursued”. It’s such a dramatic phrase and over these past few weeks since its guaranteed we will all go down the 6 feet one day, it has begun start speaking to me; Yes! In the graves lie so many un-pursued ideas, I don’t want to be in that number…it’s not a good one and I trust you don’t want to join that statistic.


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