I am blessed to have lots of people around me; good ones as such. One such person is a minister of the gospel I have deep admiration for. He is a man of integrity, rightly dividing the word of truth, and helping in the fulfillment of both physical and spiritual needs of his congregants. I was in his church today; I am a charismatic Christian with affiliation to several churches…I’m not tied down to any though, aside my mother church and take the opportunity to “test many waters”. Once the center stage of the pulpit is JESUS; I’m comfortable.

But I am also enjoined first as a human being and second as a Christian to understand and respect the views of others who don’t share my faith and beliefs. I am comfortable with most people and look up to what unites us as humanity and not what divides us as individuals.

Dr. Victor Osei’s sermon centered on a theme I have been blogging about recently and I decided to share with my wonderful readers the bullet points of his sermon. He began by giving a brief summary of what success is and what it isn’t.

  • Success is not automatic
  • Success is an attitude
  • Success is ordered, planned and executed
  • Success is not magic
  • Success needs maintenance

He then moved into his 7 principles of success (What I want to be) citing various biblical scriptures to add and buttress his points.

  1. 1.       I cannot be what I want to be- unless I HEAR to be. He cited the example of great people who were successful as people who heard from God, the society, family, school and other sources. They heard the need for products, services and others and responded accordingly and were rewarded. He went on to say; what you feed your mind with is very essential and likened the mind to the computer GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out). We therefore have to feed our minds with the right information to get the right output
  2. 2.       I cannot be what I want to be- unless I SEE to be. With the seeing, he talked about the mind as what creates the mental picture through hearing and the hearing as what enables us to physically see what the mind is conjuring(sorry I cannot explain this one in the way I understood it)
  3. 3.       I cannot be what I want to be – unless I UNDERSTAND to be. This one, he explained had to do with understanding the needs of others and how well you can position yourself to offer a product or render a service that’s symbiotically rewarding – both parties and also rightly understanding information.
  4. 4.       I cannot be what I want to be – unless I BELIEVE to be. We all need to believe in something. Factually true is the fact that almost everyone on the surface of the earth has faith – it is what we have faith in and the measure of faith we have that sets us apart. Aside that, whatever we set to do, we should do with all belief and quoted the popular scripture – “A double minded person never gets blessed” to support his point.
  5. 5.       I cannot be what I want to be – unless I WORK to be.  As I blogged about START recently, we cannot be what we want to be unless we work to be it. We cannot afford to fold our arms and wait for manna to fall from heaven. We need to put our hands on something and believe it will all work out. (I need not write much about this particular one)
  6. 6.       I cannot be what I want to be – unless I DECIDE to be. Our minds are as important as our hearts are. He talked about having the mental strength to back everything. In the end, everyone has their own freewill (limited by law though) and we decide what we ultimately want to do with our lives.
  7. 7.       Finally I cannot be what I want to be – except I DISCIPLINE myself to be. The word discipline is a merger of disciple and line and I guess it says it all. To become, we need discipline. Need I say more?

You cannot be what u want to be – unless you HEAR, SEE, UNDERSTAND, BELIEVE, WORK, DECIDE and DISCIPLINE yourself to be.



Rev Dr Victor Osei is the Founder and General Overseer of Family Chapel International- One of the fastest growing Charismatic churches in Ghana, with its headquarters in Kumasi. He is married to Veronica Osei and blessed with seven children. When he was called to ministry, he was a member of Calvary Charismatic Centre, Kumasi under Rev Ransford Obeng. After being in C.C.C for seven years the Lord called him to start Family Chapel International with the blessing of his senior pastor and mentor Rev Ransford Obeng. His ministry takes him across the nations of the globe as a major conference speaker. On Dec 1st 2001 Living word Bible Institute and School of Ministry awarded him with a doctorate Degree.


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