Seizing the moment

I’ve been away for a while and the blog has been the latest victim from my busy schedules. Well i havent been obama or sarkozy busy but i’ve been quite tight and held up in a couple of things.

I have also been mourning Steve Jobs and my best friend in these times is the Walter Isaacson autobiography of Steve. Its a brilliant piece and i recommend y’all to get one.

I’ve also been listening to a minister of the gospel lately. His name is Tudor Bismark…He’s Zimbabwean and preaches real good. I’m being blessed each day i listen to him. He’s been sharing a couple of deep materials in his sermons. I recently learnt about the Israelites, Egypt and the Scarab Beetles and the Seven levels of revenue. Honestly, they have been very insightful.

i’m sharing three things from one of his sermons about “DOORS”. There are so many doors in life and we have to know the major doors and how to approach them.

The first is the LOCKED door – This particular one is entered by holding a special key that is configured or designed to open that particular door and not any other. Example is the one on your house…Those are typically the ones we see each day.

The second is the PRESENCE door – This door allows entry when you get closer to it. Any person in proximity to the door is responded to. U just have to be in close proximity and the door will open. Example of these doors are the ones on the banks and shops where u have to just get closer for it to open automatically.

The third is the TIMING door – This is a very different kind of door that opens and closes at a particular time. You can only enter the door when u seize the moment it is open. The example is sort of weird but think of it as a musician and his band. The musician in order to successfully enter the song has to time his entry else he messes everything up. The door opens and as soon as it opens, it closes…..And this is particularly true of a door that most of us encounter.

We should therefore stay smart and be alert of whatever door we find ourselves standing in-front and find how to enter …Remember LIFE is FULL OF DOORS 🙂


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